Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any Catering/ Venue Hire enquiries please contact Momento HQ and we can email or fax our latest, freshest catering menus straight to you.

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If you are after our individual cafe contacts please refer to the Locations page & hover or click on the image of the site who’s details you are after

Or any other reason for getting in touch with us…

Momento HQ – PO BOX 9500, Hamilton, 3240
Office – 021 786 496
City (Hood St) – 07 834 4365 or email
Hospital – 834 0038 or email
MS2/Kitchen 838 4466 ext 1 6378
Uni Lakes – 838 4466 ext 1 6723
Uni Library Kiosk – 838 4466 ext 1 7718
Maui Street – 849 5955 or email

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